Dynamics of Takeover of Holdings

Data/Images/aj_2_sl_takeover2_m.jpgThe takeover of archival holdings from those who have created them is one of the most important functions of any archive, and the main prerequisites for its success are professional staff, sufficient space and appropriate equipment. The issue of storage space which the Archives have faced since establishment, the need to collect the holdings which have come in their competence after establishment and major changes in the 1990s resulted in major oscillations in the quantity of received holdings in different years. Statistics shows that the annual volume of received holdings until 2006 exceeded 1,000 meters on nine occasions. There are two clear "booms": in 1955, when 7,202 meters were received and in 1992, when 7,000 meters were received and when, after the breakup of the SFRY, it was physically saved through the receiving of holdings. In just four years, in the period between 1990 and 1993, a total of 10,845 meters of holdings were received.

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