Fonds - Period after 1945

Although the archival holdings from the period after 1945 are lengthy, the level of preservation of some fonds, especially those until 1953, is not satisfactory. The AJ-50 Presidency of the Government of the FPRY fond can serve as an illustration, because the minutes and documents from government sessions are missing, among other things.

On the other hand, the АЈ-507 Communist Party of Yugoslavia fond is very well preserved for that period and represents important additional material and frequently even the main source for the studies of developments from Yugoslav history after 1945.

During the NATO bombing, in the night between April 2 and 3, 1999, the archival holdings from five fonds relocated to the building of the Federal Interior Ministry were destroyed (four entirely and one partly).

The state of fonds from this period in the Archives is not satisfactory, because inventories have not been made for a large number of fonds. However, researchers can still use them because there are provisional summary inventories for the largest number of fonds.

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