Guidebook Through Fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia 1945-2006, volume 1


Publisher: The Archives of Yugoslavia, cultural institution of national significance
Editor-in-Chief: Miladin Milošević
Editorial Board: Dragan Tešić, MA, Branka Doknić,  PhD, Milan Medaković, Milić F. Petrović, Nada Petrović, Mitar Todorović
Autors: Branka Doknić, PhD and Milić F. Petrović
Arhiv Jugoslavije: Branka Doknić, PhD 
Introduction: Milić F. Petrović
Printed by: JP "Službeni glasnik", Beograd
Circulation: 500 copies
Beograd, 2014

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Guide Through the Fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia 1945-2006, Volume 1 represents a continuation of a series of publications – general finding aids, guides about the fonds  preserved in the Archives of Yugoslavia respectfully edition Guide to the Archives of Yugoslavia and the beginning of the series of those publications for the fonds from 1945 to 2006.
The first volume of the Guide from  the period 1945-2006 covers archival fonds of 39 state suprimacy and administration: Head of State, Head of Parliamnet, Head of Government and its Permanent Bodies and Services. The structure of the Guide comprises notes of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Introudction Notes, elementary information about Fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia 1945-2006, Ilustrations, Abbreviations, List of Publications of the Arhcives of Yugoslavia prepared on the basis of arhcival fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia 1945-2006. List of ilustratrions. Sources and literature, Contents.
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