Review Arhiv - year XXII number 1-2

Publisher: Arhiv Jugoslavije

ISSN: 1450-9733

year: 2021

number: 1-2

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Download PDF file (382 kB) Jelena Kovačević, Marko Radovanović, List of Photographs of the News Agency TANJUG (1991-2003)
Download PDF file (270 kB) Lidija Opojevlić Hofman, Federal Council for Health Care and Social Policy 1974-1978 (1973-1978)
Download PDF file (244 kB) Ljubica Vuković, Legislation Council and Development of National Authorities of Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (1950-1953)
Download PDF file (258 kB) Žarko Miličić, Spasoje Stejić in "Vidovdan Process"
Download PDF file (283 kB) Dragomir Bondžić, Training of the Youth from Algeria in the School Center PTT in Belgrade 1963
Download PDF file (259 kB) Petar Dragišić, Visit of Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Bashev to Yugoslavia 1969
Download PDF file (381 kB) Ivan Hofman, "Folklore Diplomacy"- Role of Folklore Music in Foreign Policy of Yugoslavia 1949-1971
Download PDF file (296 kB) Slobodan Selinić, Sending Away Group of Professors from the Faculty of Philosophy at Belgrade University 1980/81
Download PDF file (261 kB) Milan Radovanović, Minutes from the Conference of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia  held on July 28, 1949
Download PDF file (249 kB) Svetlana Perović Ivović, 20/21 International Archival Conference – Standardization in the Archives – Data managing in the Archival Surrounding, Novi Sad, June 24, 25, 2021
Download PDF file (252 kB) REVIEWS
  • Arhivska građa u teoriji i praksi. Zbornik radova, 4, Beograd, Arhivističko društvo Srbije, 2020, (588). (Ljubinka Škodrić)

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