Cultural policy of Yugoslavia 1945-1952



Publisher: Archives of Yugoslavia
For publisher: Miladin Milošević, accting director
Editorial board: prof.  Ljubodrag Dimić PhD,  Dragomir Bondžić MA, Branka Doknić PhD, Milić F. Petrović i Ivan Hofman
Prepared by: Branka Doknić PhD, Milić F. Petrović and Ivan Hofman
Printed by: Knjiga Komerc D.O.O Beograd
Circulation: 300 copies
Belgrade, 2009.



The authors of this thematic collection of documents have had the intention to publicize the authentic documents from the Archives of Yugoslavia Fond in order to present the cultural policy of the Socialist Yugoslavia in the initial, so-called Agitprop phase (1945–1952).
The documents were selected from the following archival fonds: FPRY Ministry of Education 1945–1946 (Fond 313); FPRY Government Culture and Arts Committee 1946–1948 (Fond 314); FPRY Government Schools and Research Committee 1946–1948 (Fond 315); FPRY Government Ministry of Science and Culture 1949–1950 (Fond 316); FPRY Government Science and Culture Council 1950–1953 (Fond 317) and Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia Agitation and Propaganda Commission (Fond 507/VIII). Several documents were taken over from the Josip Broz Tito Archive, situated at the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade. 
The documents were made by the federal and republican education ministers, assistant ministers, department heads at the ministries, party officials who managed the agitation and propaganda sector, presidents of the Academies of Science and Arts, managers and secretaries of institutions, rectors and university professors, deans and secretaries of university schools, domestic and foreign students, diplomatic and consular representatives abroad, presidents and secretaries of professional societies and associations, church dignitaries and anonymous and other persons. According to their type and content, the selected documents are resolutions, directives, instructions, guidelines, decisions, agreements and invitations of state and party bodies; minutes, shorthand transcripts, notes and conclusions from sessions and meetings; papers and excerpts from the papers of state and party officials and heads of institutions and associations; organizational charts of educational bodies; activity plans and reports, information, notices, reports, inventories, lists, table indicators, statistical inventories and data; ideological and political characteristics; demands, requests, pleas, initiatives, interventions; writs, proposals, objections, suggestions, views, appeals, responses, correspondence and other acts. All documents are published in their original languages, scripts and dialects: Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian, Slovenian and English; Cyrillic and Latin scripts, ekavian and jekavian dialects. 
In order to facilitate the use of documents, there are: initial notes and three historic studies about the basic issues of the cultural policy 1945-1952, schemes of the organizational structure of the creators of archival fonds, name register, register of geographic places and an English-language summary. Attached are the facsimiles of several documents, memoranda and seals of institutions as well as signatures of the document authors, photos of significant persons, buildings, activities and works of arts from the period when the documents were created as well as a list of literature.


UNESCO has helped publish this book.

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