Presentation of Monograph Special Police in Belgrade 1941-1944
Promotion of the book Special Police in Belgrade 1941-1944, author Branislav Božović organized by the Archives of Yugoslavia and the Institute of Textbook Publishing at the presence of various guests, representatives of scientific and cultural establishment, was held on October 21, 2014.
Dragoljub Kojčić, Acting Director of the Institute of Textbook Publishing, book reviewer Miladin Milošević, Acting Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Dragan Gačić MA, Director of the Historical Archives of Belgrade and the author of the book Branislav Božović talked about the book. 
It was highlighted that this monograph was created as contribution to the history of Belgrade after long period of research work of relevant historical sources concerning period of occupation 1941-1944 that had influenced the whole life, that was the cause and regulation of all events and significant factor of functioning and operation of the city administration, Special Police and all other regional administrative and police authorities.
Besides picturing general events in the occupied Belgrade, the book pays special attention to the Special Police that was the most active, most aggressive and the most responsible department in the Administration of Belgrade. Its place and the role in the police-security system within the occupied quisling order in Serbia is perceived, its function in preserving that system, means used to preserve it as well as unfortunate consequences for the citizens caused by its activities. Those facts influenced the author to decide about the contents, composition structure and scope of the certain parts of this book.
Monograph Special Police in Belgrade 1941-1944 belongs to the type of historiographical literature that has its foothold in the historical sources and relevant scientific literature. Richness of the contents and comprehensive archival material of the Administration of the City of Belgrade as well as ample sources of authentic data was especially pointed out during book promotion. There are number of documents from the occupation period: orders, reports, analysis, estimations, correspondence and other documents, personal belongings of arrested and suspicious people, general documents (collected material) regarding certain problems etc.
The author of the book addressed the audience at the end of the promotion emphasizing that invaluable help in creating this monograph he received from the reviewers – Ljubodrag Dimić Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Acting Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Miladin Milošević and that he obtained all relevant historical documents owing to the Archives of Belgrade.




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