Yugoslav schools in South America

The Government of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia) tried to use educational activities among the descendants of Yugoslav emigrants (who were more or less assimilated in the Latin environment) to maintain their awareness of their origin.

There were few emigrant schools. One of the better organised was in Antofagasta (Chile) in the 1920s. In late 1930s the Yugoslav government intensified educational activities by sending two teachers to hold courses of mother tongue, history, geography, etc. in the existing emigrant schools. The emigrants themselves frequently requested textbooks from Yugoslavia from the Consulate General and later from the Mission, and they also requested financial and moral support to the activities of Yugoslav schools.






Activities of Yugoslav school in Antofagasta (Chile) in 1925

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Yugoslav schools in Argentina (1939)

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Jugoslovenska država i iseljeništvo u Južnoj Americi 1921-1945.

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