Celebration of State holidays and anniversaries; reaction of Yugoslav emigrants to developments in Yugoslavia

Yugoslav emigrants followed the developments in their mother country as much as the communications of the time allowed, trying to help their former homeland. They assisted the inmates or civilians in Yugoslavia, responded to mobilisation, gave political support at the crucial times… The reactions of emigrants to developments in the homeland, through different events and declarations, are an expression of their attitude towards the Kingdom and political strivings among them.



Marking of the anniversary of the first AVNOJ session

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Decisions of the "Kosovo" Society on the occasion of the outbreak of war in Yugoslavia

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Declaration of the Central Committee of the YPC in Argentina (1943)

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Reactions of Yugoslav emigrants to the March 27 and April 6, 1941 (report)

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List of a group of volunteers in Argentina for the Yugoslav Army (1943)

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Yugoslav state and emigration in South America 1921-1945

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