Photo gallery

The archive collection consists of the written, painted, audio or other recorded documentary material as well as photographs. A photograph of a person, event, facility and place is called a photo document. Unlike other archive documents that appear and testify about an event both at the time of creation and later, a photograph is always the contemporary of the things presented on it. Photographs have great importance for history and other sciences, culture and other social needs. It supplements other archive documents and sometimes, according to the quantity of information, it surpasses documents written on several pages.

Together with other archive documents, the Archives also collected photo documents created through the activities of bodies, institutions, social and political and other organisations, societies and associations. The Archives received a small number of photographs as presents from several persons. The Archives of Yugoslavia has a collection of photographs divided into one general collection, made up of 25 collections with 48,029 photographs singled out during the organisation and processing of funds, as well as a collection of presented and purchased photographs, made up of five collections with 501 photographs presented by individuals. The most numerous and most important according to their contents are the Court's collections

Exhibitions: April, 2008, From the collection of photographs

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