Cover page of a brochure issued on the occasion of the World Exhibition in San Francisco in 1939
size: 35.5x25cm

signature: AJ-371


Cover page of the brochure: Railways in service of national economy, Beograd 1938
size: 22x14,4cm

signature: AJ-37-12-81


Cover page of the brochure: The role and importance of modern aviation, Novi Sad 1928. godina

signature: AJ-66-480-755


Cover page of the brochure:: Three years of the government of Dr Milan Stojadinović, Beograd 1938. godina
size: 21x24cm

signature: AJ-37


Cover pages of brochures: Informbiro resolution on the situation in the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and Statement by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia on the Informbiro resolution, June, 28 and 29, 1948.
size: 17x12cm

signature: AJ-507, IX-119-I-39


Cover page of the brochure: "Serbo-Croatian Dispute" by J. Ж. Milosavljević, Responding to the Creation of the Banovina of Croatia as the Defeat of the Serbian State Idea, August 30, 1939

signature: AJ-37-10-59

These are also archives documents

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