BELGRADE - BRASILIA - 80 Years of Diplomatic Relations

Venue and date of opening: Arhiv Jugoslavije, Beograd, November 15, 2019
Exhibition opened by: dr Milan Terzić, director of the Archives of Yugoslavia and  H.E. Eduardo Botelho Barbosa,  ambassador of Federal Republic of Brazil in the Republic of Serbia
Organisation: Arhiv Jugoslavije and Embassy of the Federal Republic of Brazil in the Republic of Serbia
Author of the exhibition: Dragan Teodosić
Information provided in: catalogue Preuzmite katalog u pdf formatu (2.8 MB), poster

National Holiday of the Federal Republic of Brazil (Republic Day) is marked by the reception in the Archives of Yugoslavia and exhibition of documents Belgrade – Brasilia, 80 Years of Diplomatic Relations opened on November 15, 2019. Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Dr. Milan Terzić addressed the audience, first saying that this exhibition and its opening mark important date in the history of Brazil and that exhibited documents collected in the catalogue being accompanying part of the exhibition will remain as evidence of good bilateral and friendly  relations of two countries. Exhibition layout starts with establishment of diplomatic relations between two world wars with photographs of accredited diplomatic representatives their credentials, shorthand transcripts, diplomatic reports and other documents that are preserved in the Archives of Yugoslavia. Intensity of cooperation is best presented by the visits and meetings of the highest political representatives of two states and its profoundness by agreements and contracts in all fields of social relations such as trade, culture, education, defense, maritime affairs, exhibitions.

By congratulations on National Holiday of Brazil, Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia ended his speech, and H.E. Eduardo Botelho Barbosa, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Brazil to the Republic of Serbia addressed the audience highlighted that the reason for gathering is not only the celebration of the Day when 130 years ago Brazil became the Republic but also marking of 80 successful years of diplomatic relations between two countries. Mr. Ambassador thanked the Archives of Yugoslavia for friendly cooperation, preparation and organization of the exhibition as well as for the published catalogue on diplomatic relations based on the impressive collection of documents preserved in this archives and pointed out that two countries in spite of all the events that they went through in the past 80 years managed to maintain good relations and cooperation.

Taking a look at the present situation, he mentioned that Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić presenting the Serbian government went to Brazil on January 1, for inauguration of the President Bolsonaro and that he had important meetings with representatives of Brazilian government; the fifth political consultations held in July confirmed once more that our relations are at the high level; that 141st, Assembly of Inter - Parliamentary Union was extraordinary and successful meeting and that connection between Brasilia and Belgrade soon should become more fruit-bearing by signing more agreements.
Besides cooperation on the governmental level, Brazilian side is proud of warmly accepted cultural events – "Brazilian Days" in Novi Sad, presence of Brazil at the famous "Guitar Art Festival", popularization of Brazilian classic music, popularization and presence of classes of capoeira in this region.

Regarding trade relations, Brazil is second- largest Serbian foreign trade partner compared to both Americas and enlargement of bilateral trade and investments is permanent aim of Brazilian Embassy in Serbia.

Greeting the audience once more Mr. Ambassador invited the present to see the exhibition..

The author of the exhibition and the catalogue in Serbian and English accompanying the exhibition is Dragan Teodosić.

The exhibition will be open to the public every working day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. untill December 5, 2019.







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