Amendments to the 1974 Constitution

Reforms of the Yugoslav state continued with the 1981 and 1988 amendments. Amendments I-VIII, adopted on July 3, 1981, contain the principles on collective labour, decision-making and responsibility. The political arguments for these amendments rested on the idea that individualised decision-making and administration clashed with the nature of social ownership, social self-management, delegate system and equality of the people and ethnic groups. Practice showed, however, that the general implementation of the principle of collective decision-making and administration blocked and made absurd the operative side of business operation and its continuity, and on the other side resulted in the depersonalisation of responsibility, which was something unprecedented in modern history.

Under these amendments, the president and vice president of the SFRY Assembly were elected for one-year terms. It was said that the same person could not be elected SIV president twice in a row and SIV members could be elected to the same office twice in a row at the most.

Amendments IX-XLVIII, adopted on November 25, 1988, expanded the basis for the single Yugoslav market and to a certain extent also the legislative rights of the federation. The principle of consensus in decision-making on the important issues at the federation level was preserved.

The legal provision was adopted that the SFRY anthem was to be "Hej Sloveni" ("Hey, Slavs"). The name of the anthem was previously regulated under the Law on the Use of the Coat-of-Arms, Flag and National Anthem of April 22, 1977. The Yugoslav state got its anthem only towards the end of its existence.


List of Constituent Acts of Yugoslavia

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