The Resolution Declaring the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia the Provisional National Assembly of the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia, August 10, 1945

The Resolution declaring AVNOJ the Provisional National Assembly of DFY (August 10, 1945)In accordance with the recommendations of the Crimea conference, at its third session in Belgrade AVNOJ was expanded by members of the pre-war National Assembly elected in 1938 and representatives of political parties and groups who had not been compromised by cooperation with the enemy. It adopted the rules of procedure, elected the AVNOJ Presidency and committees. It changed its name into the Provisional People's Assembly of the DFY. AVNOJ adopted the resolution on the division of Sandžak between Serbia and Montenegro and on the inclusion of Kosovo and Metohija and Vojvodina in federal Serbia.

The Provisional National Assembly adopted the laws on the organisation of elections for the Constitutional Assembly, agrarian reform and colonisation, judiciary and other regulations.


List of Constituent Acts of Yugoslavia

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