The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, April 27, 1992

The SFRY disintegrated in 1991 and 1992 through armed secession supported and assisted by foreign states. In the case of Yugoslavia the principle of territorial integrity and internationally recognised borders was not observed. In violation of international laws, republican borders, which had never been legally determined and delineated, became the borders of sovereign states. Federal units became the holders of the people's right to self-determination.

After the international recognition of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro decided to continue living in a common state. The Federal Council of the SFRY adopted the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The state was defined as a sovereign federal state based on the equality of its citizens and equality of the member-republics. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was made up of the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro.

Through its bodies, the federal state shaped its policy, adopted and implemented federal laws, other regulations and general acts. Its bodies were the Federal Assembly made up of the Chamber of Citizens and Chamber of Republics, president of the republic, Federal Government, made up of the prime minister, deputy prime minister and ministers, Federal Court, federal state prosecutor and National Bank of Yugoslavia.


List of Constituent Acts of Yugoslavia

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