Activity of the Archives

Activities of the Archives are regulated by laws and by-laws and the activities are as follows:

  • protection of archival holdings outside the Archives
  • admission, storage and protection of archival holdings in the Archives
  • organisation and processing of archival holdings
  • information about the funds and archival holdings from the competence of the Archives
  • provision of conditions for the use of archival holdings
  • publication of archival holdings, means of information about archival holdings and other publications promoting the use of archival holdings
  • exhibitions of archival holdings, organisation of lectures and other forms of cultural and educational activities
  • research and photographing of archival holdings in the country and abroad for the purpose of completing the funds of the Archives
  • application of new technologies in all fields of work of the Archives, in line with the positive practice of other Archives and similar institutions in the country and abroad
  • technical protection of archival holdings
  • cooperation with archives and other similar institutions and associations in the country and abroad
  • implementation of the Agreement on Succession Issues, Annex D – Archives, regarding the "SFRY State Archives".
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