Previous location of the Archives

Throughout its existence, the Archives had the problem with inappropriate and insufficient space both for employees and for archival holdings. The buildings that the Archives used did not suit the requirements for state archives either according to their conditions or according to their capacity, and there were even some rooms in some periods where archival holdings deteriorated.

In the 1960s, an attempt was made to build an appropriate facility especially for the Archives. The design for the Archives building in New Belgrade was made in 1961, but was never realised because of insufficient funds.


Previous buildings which housed the Archives



Founded in 1950, the Archives started protecting archival holdings from its competence only in 1952. In early September 1952, the Archives were given two rooms in the building at 41 Terazije Square and part of the cellar to store its holdings. In the same year, the Archives were given the unfinished building of the Evangelical Church in 1 Drinčićeva Street and the premises in 9 Dragoslava Jovanovića Street.



41 Terazije Square


1 Drinčićeva Street


9 Dragoslava Jovanovića Street




1 Birčaninova Street




35 Savska Street




As a temporary solution for the storage of holdings, the Archives used the attic of the Belgrade Printing Institute




12 Zmaj Jovina Street,
building of the Economic Institute




The Archives were given premises
in the underground annexes to
the Federation Palace




The Archives got its present building in 1969 and started using all of the space in 1970, when its previous users moved out.


Nearly 20 years passed after the founding of the Archives before the institution got a building spacious enough to house archival holdings. The storage capacity was sufficient for some time, but the takeover of large quantity of holdings in 1991–1992 made the issue of insufficient space topical and unsolved to date.

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