A virtual tour through the Archives building

In the hall of the Archives you will be able to see a small exhibition on the Archives of Yugoslavia and the permanent exhibition "The Diplomacy of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1918-1941"

From the hall, a double door will take you to the big exhibition room whose area is 260 m2. Thematic exhibitions of archival holdings, prepared by the workers of the Archives or guests from the country and abroad, are held in this room several times a year.

If you want to research the archival holdings, follow the left-hand side of the corridor and go along the red carpet. Pass the library (room 23), and after climbing several steps, if you continue straight along the corridor, you will see the wardrobe and the entrance to the reading room (room 28).

If you are here to attend the promotion of a new publication of the Archives or another institution, a lecture, symposium, conference or a similar event, once you enter the building turn right and go along the corridor until you reach the Big Conference Room (room 38). The room is shaped like an amphitheatre. In the far end of the room, there is a lectern and a desk with five seats and the room can take up to 240 visitors.

The restaurant is situated on the other side of the corridor (room 19).

The Accounting Department is on the first floor (room 51). Here you will receive an invoice for ordered copies, according to the price list Download PDF file, (11.60 kB), and you will be able to take your copies once you pay the invoice in the nearby bank and produce a receipt.

If the aim of your visit is to get information about documents needed to solve your personal property relations, you should visit the Legal Department (first floor, room 53) where you will fill in the appropriate form. You can take the needed form print it, fill it in and bring it personally or send it by post to the Archives. You will be informed by phone about the costs of photocopying after the research pursuant to your request is done.

The Small Conference Room (room 52) whose big conference table can seat 24 people, is situated on the other side of the corridor. It is the venue of internal meetings of Archives experts, practical lectures for students and closed-door symposia.



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