International Activities in 1999:


January 20-24
Director of the Federal Archival Service of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Petrovic Kozlov, and Svetlana Goncugova, head of department in ROSARHIV, visited the Archives of Yugoslavia during the period of January 20-24, 1999. Mr. Kozlov hold a lecture to the Yugoslav archival workers on the organization of the archival service in Russian Federation, the problems they were facing and the ways to solve them.


October 6-9
XXXIV International Conference of the ICA Round Table dealt with the archival practices in the field of management and preservation of the archival material, and staff training in this area.
A Delegation of the Archives of Yugoslavia participated in the Seminar on Disaster Preparedness and submitted a Paper "Experience of the Yugoslav Archival Service in the Protection of the Archival Materials during the NATO racketeering of Yugoslavia".
October 15-16
V International Conference was dedicated to the "Accessibility of archive materials in the light of legal provisions and general practice of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe". Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia submitted a Paper under the title "Availability of Archival Records of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for Scientific Research, for the Federal Institutions and Citizens".
November 4-6
International Archival conference, in the organization of the Croatian State Archives, ICA and the Council of Europe, had for its subject "The Destruction and the Reconstruction of Historical Memory: Integrity and Autonomy of Archives". Directors of the former SFRY State and republican archives hold a meeting and signed a Statement on November 4, 1999 in Dubrovnik.
March 26-28
Archives of Yugoslavia didn't participate in the ICA European Board Meeting, though regularly registered to attend. A host country, Island, issued the visas for the members of the Yugoslav Delegation. Great Britain didn't issue the transit visas thus prevented the Yugoslav Delegation to attend the Meeting. The Archives of Yugoslavia, by the letter addressed to Patrick Cadell, ICA/EUR secretary, dated on March 26, 1999, expressed its expectation that the ICA/EUR, on its Meeting in Reykjavik, as well as the rest of the peaceful and genuine democratic public opinion, will condemn the NATO Aggression on Yugoslavia, will express their disagreement with the policy of force and pressure, and will ask the military actions to hold up because they destroy this peaceful and independent country. The Archives of Yugoslavia expressed its expectation that the ICA/EUR would appeal publicly that the human lives and material assets, archival materials as the most precious among them, not to be destroyed.

On March 30, 1999 the Archives of Yugoslavia publicly addressed an Appeal to stop the NATO aggression in order to protect the cultural heritage which may be destroyed in that aggression. The Appeal was addressed to Wang Gang, president of the ICA, to Christoph Graf, chair of CITRA, Erik Norberg, ICA/EUR president, Vladimir P. Kozlov, director of the Federal Archival Service of the Russian Federation, to Axel Plathe, UNESCO Division of Information and Informatics, to IFLA, ICBS and to the international community in general.

On April 7, 1999 ICA informed the Archives of Yugoslavia that it issued the Appeal in which expressed its grave concern for the cultural heritage and urged all parties to comply with the international treaties relevant to armed conflicts.


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