International Activities in 2006


April 17–20
A delegation of the Main Archival Administration at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria paid a return visit to the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro. An exchange of texts on archives for magazines was agreed on, as well as the making of a joint collection of documents on the Yugoslav-Bulgarian relations and preparation of the Tito-Dimitrov joint exhibition of documents.
June 23
The exhibition of documents Tito-Stalin was opened in Moscow. It was created as a result of cooperation between the Russian State Archives and the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro.
October 24–25
In addition to the opening of the Tito-Stalin exhibition, a round table was held with the participation of Serbian historians and Russian historians from the Comintern Archives and Institute of Slav Languages.
August 6–13
A delegation of the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro paid a return visit to the Main Archival Administration of the City of Moscow in accordance with the Agreement on Cooperation signed in 2005.
November 9
A press conference was held at Tanjug's International Press Centre on the occasion of the stay of representative of Columbia University from New York Tanja Čebotarev, who presented to the Archives microfilmed copies of documents from the heritage of Prince Paul Karadjordjević. The engagement of Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjević contributed to this act.



March 1–4
Director of the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro, Mijomir Vujačić, attended the international conference on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Hungarian State Archives.
November 2–4
The 1st Congress of the Archivists of Bosnia-Herzegovina on the situation and future of development of the archival service in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the strategy in the approach to archives, freedom of information and data protection was attended by three archivists from the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro.


International Cooperation Since 1998

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