Digitizing of Mutual Archival heritage of SFRY

Beograd, 26.9. - 7.10.2016.

 In order to prepare the Pilot Project of Digitizing Mutual Archival Heritage of SFRY, representatives from the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia and the State Archives of the Republic of Croatia stayed in the Archives of Yugoslavia in the period from September 26, 2016 to October 7, 2016. Archival material from the Fond AJ-50 Presidency of FPRY Government has been chosen for this Pilot Project,   since all states participants had singled out this fond among five of high priority for digitizing. 

Total number of 15 archivists including two archivists from the Archives of Yugoslavia worked on preparation, scanning, controlling of digitized copies and joining of metadata with digitized copies of archival documentation from the Fond AJ- 50 Presidency of FPRY Government.

Experience obtained during the mutual work will help in preparing necessary procedures as well as for preparation of necessary documentation regarding complete Project of Digitizing of Mutual Archival Heritage of SFRY to be used both for applying for financial resources from the Funds of European Union and from the Foundations providing resources for such purposes or for obtaining resources from the budget from each state participant in the Project.





Beograd, 25.9. - 29.9.2017.

The Archivists from Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, members of the Workgroup visited the Archives of Yugoslavia from September 25-29, 2017.
Тhe first day of their visit, September 25, they had mutual meeting of the Council and the Workgroup for the development of the project "Digitizing of Mutual Archival Heritage of SFRY" where they summarized the past work results on preparation of the Project. After the meeting, members of the Council, directors of the archives, Dr. Bojan Cvelfar (Тhe Archives of the Republic of Slovenia), Kiril Petrov (The State Archives of Macedonia), Saša Klepić (The Archives of Bosnia and Hercegovina) and Dr. Milan Terzić (The Archives of Yugoslavia) talked about matters regarding staff and finances and readiness of institutions that they are leading to round up the preparation phases of the Project and to start with its realization..

The members of the Workgroup having experience from 2016 when they tested possibilities of individual realization of the Project concluded that for the work of scanning all the archival documents it is necessary to engage subcontractors respectfully professional companies. This decision enlarged the scope of activities of the Workgroup and included preparation of tender documentation. At the same time having this in mind it was necessary to consider once again planned phases of the Project; preparation of the archival material for scanning and control of digital copies.

Mutual work lasting five days laid a foundation for preparation of complete tender and project documentation that would with mutual consultations be completed by the end of October 2017.




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