Practice – students' exercise at the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro

The Archives of Serbia and Montenegro has a special type of cooperation with the Department for the History of Yugoslavia of the Belgrade University's School of Philosophy. Practical exercises for the final year history students have been organized at the Archives since 2003. Professor Dr Ljubodrag Dimić and Assistant Professor Dr Mira Radojević hold practical exercise for students at the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro during the winter and summer semesters (April and December). During the exercise, archivists – historians inform the students about the activities of the Archives, funds and collections, way for organizing and processing archival holdings, making historical notes and means of information (inventories and lists). Students have the opportunity to get information about the publishing activities of the Archives – collections of documents, Аrhiv magazine and exhibition catalogues.

Students may get an insight into the archival holdings of the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro, which contain documents on the topics of their interest from the Yugoslav history.

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