Congresses, Seminars and Conferences in 2011

Archives workers attended the following professional gatherings:


Date: October, 25 - 29, 2011
Place: Toledo (Spain)
Conference title: Тhe 43rd International Conference of the Archives Round Table
Topic: Keeping  Archives alive in a Digital world: Archival Preservation in the 21. Century 

Forty-third International Conference of the Round Table on Archives brought together delegates from nearly 90 countries, representatives of archival administration and national archives, presidents and some members of the ICA-sections, honorary members and observers, a total of about 340 participants. Representatives of the Archives of Yugoslavia were acting Director Miladin Milošević and senior archivist Ranka Rađenović.
During the Conference Annual General meeting of ICA  and Forum of the national Archivists were also held. Annual General meeting of ICA was attended by members of A and B. Forum of the national Archivists gathered directors of archival administration, state and national archives, in the closed session, on invitation only.


Date: November, 7 - 8, 2011
Place: Trieste (Italy)
Conference title: 21st International Archival Day
Topic: "European projects on archives" and "Archives in the present-day society"

The international congress the 21st International Archival Day was organized by the International Institute for Archives Science of Trieste and Maribor. During two days 33 papers were presented by archivists from 23 countries.
The representative of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Оlivera Porubović-Vidović, presented experiences from the microfilm digitization i.e. the first phase of the project " Protecton of original microfilmed archival holdings" which had been supported by UNESCO.


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