Rules and obligations

In order that your work in the reading room of the Archives of Yugoslavia is effective and is done in a most proper way before you come and order archival material get acquainted with the most important regulations of the Rule Book on Use of Archival Material in the Archives of Yugoslavia.



  • Archival material is ordered till 1:00 p.m. for the next day .

  • Every researcher can order 4 folders, 4 books of evidence, 10 units of description and 2 rolls of   

  • During work with archival material, researcher may have on the desk just one folder, one book of         evidence, one unit of description or roll of microfilm.

  • Researcher may use ordered archival material not longer than 10 working days.

  • Researcher may use all finding aids of archival material that are in the reading room (Inventories, Listings, Database etc.).

  • Library material (books, periodicals) are as well used in the reading room of the Archives .

  • Researcher is allowed to use his private laptop for his work.

  • Use of camera is as well allowed according to the fees from the pricelist.

  • To disturb chronology of documents in the folder, if it is disturbed during the work, you should try to put the documents in the proper order as there used to be.

  • It is strictly forbidden to write on archival material.

  • Use of ink, ink pen or marker is forbidden.

  • Mobile phones are not allowed.

  • Loud talk is not allowed.

  • Bringing in food and beverages is not allowed.



Date of last change: 17. 05. 2022

2023. The Archives of Yugoslavia

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