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Welcome Message of American President Wilson Addressed to the Serbian Regent Alexander

Fond: AJ-74 Royal Court of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

Signature: АЈ-74-5/2

Number of pages: 1


Document here presented is reply of the President Thomas Woodrow Wilson to the welcome message of Regent Alexander that prominent Serbian diplomat Milenko Vesnić who had headed Serbian War Mission, delivered to President Wilson on December 21, 1917.
Regent expressed his gratitude to the President Wilson and America for the up- to- then support hoping that this support would go on. This message was delivered during the farewell visit of Serbian delegation before their return to Europe on January 24, 1918 in the White House.
Visit of the War Mission happened, a year after the Diplomatic Mission of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia had been established and at the moment when the First World War had come to its final phase. At that time was already obvious that America headed by President Wilson was going to have deciding role in its coming to an end and in making peace.

Prepared by: Predrag Krejić, Archival Advisor

Date of last change: 08.08.23

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