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Archives was created from the practical needs of the rulers of the so-called the Old East to consult at any time the documents necessary for the smooth operation of the state. The archives of the modern age is a public institution that keeps documents of state and other institutions and, as such, is at the service of the interested public. The development of archives develops archival science, a discipline whose purpose is to improve the work of archives, so that archival material is more accessible to the public. Knowledge of the code of ethics for archivists, appropriate standards and recommendations, legal regulations, as well as consulting the relevant professional literature is necessary for everyone who works in the archives.

The Code of Ethics for Archivists sets out the standards of professional conduct for archivists. For beginners, this code indicates good practice, and reminds experienced archivists of their professional responsibilities.

Employees in archives have to be acquainted with standards and recommendations, primarily in the field of archiving, but also in other areas in accordance with the specific activities of archives.

Download the laws, regulations and instructions on which the work of the archives is based.

Archives experts recommend a choice of literature they've used, and that can be found in the Archives' library.

Overview of professional gatherings attended by employees of the Archives of Yugoslavia.

Links to institutions and organizations that Archives of Yugoslavia cooperates with directly, or the ones that provide content that can be of interest to all archivists.

Date of last change: 17. 05. 2022

2023. The Archives of Yugoslavia

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