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Testimonial of the Society “Slovenska Zora” from Johannesburg

Fond: AJ-390 General Consul of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in Cape Town.

Signature: АЈ-390-1-3

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Society “Slovenska zora” was founded in December 1925 in Johannesburg. At the beginning it had about 100 members, mostly miners and craftsman, but by the time the number decreased because of the strains between the members. The central figure of the Society was Jovan Pejović, born in Gornji Ceklin (Cetinje); he was president for a number of years. The Ministry of Social Politics of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes by the end of 1927 permitted headquarters of the State Printing House in Belgrade to print Constitution and Rule Book of the Society on behalf of Emigration fond. Total number of 500 copies, half of it in Cyrillic letter and half in Latin letter, was sent to Johannesburg in the beginning of 1928. The purpose of the Society was idea that all the Slavs in the South Africa organize “one large social community “regardless social rank, political and religious orientation. Constitution and Book of Rules defined that “Slovenska zora” will have and use two flags. One flag of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and another one was to have symbols of the Society. Sunrise should be at one side encircled by the words “ The dawn is breaking , the day will come” and at the opposite side, a man pointing out the East ( see Testimonials.), The Headquarters of the “Slovenska Zora” issued Testimonials , presenting the certificate that certain person is the member of the Society.
The Society “Slovenska zora” existed till the end of the Second World War. Engagement in appointing the first diplomatic representative of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in South African Union and collection of money during the Second World War were the main merits of this Society.
Prepared by: Ivana Božović, Senior Archivist

Date of last change: 08.08.23

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