Travelling Through History of New Belgrade

Exhibition Travelling Through History of New Belgrade comprising of  40 phtogoraphs from the fond of the Archives of Yugoslavia AJ-112 (News Agency Tanjug) is staged in the Hall of Merkator Center Belgrade. In the period from  May 5 – 26, 2021, visitors will be able to see travelling through the specivic „photo jorney“ how at the location of the former swamp , New Belgrade  arose and  develped..






Building of new Belgrade – Dwelling colony at SST. Tosin Bunar, September 2, 1949 (АЈ-112-2840/2)


Wild beach in New Belgrade June 9, 1972 (AJ-112-24137/5)


Constrction of Congess Center „Sava“, Ne Belgrade, October 21, 1977


Exhibition's poster

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