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The Archives of Yugoslavia is situated is situated in the outer part of central Belgrade, in the area called Senjak. This is a residential part of Belgrade, which stretches between the Belgrade Fair and Vojvoda Mišić Boulevard to the Vojvoda Putnik Boulevard. This is a quiet part of the city. It consists of numerous private houses and includes some very striking public buildings and monuments of culture and history, including the Vavedenje Monastery (dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Church), Museum of King Peter I, Art School, Museum of African Arts, several embassies and ambassadors' residences. The Topčider Park with Prince Miloš's Lodgings, Church of St Peter and numerous smaller monuments are situated in the vicinity.

The position of the Archives is impressive: it is situated on the top of a hill, on the Topčiderska Zvezda roundabout, on the crossing of the following streets: Vojvoda Putnik Boulevard, Topčiderski Venac, Užička, Tolstojeva and Andre Nikolića Streets, and its massive building with the renewed facade can be seen from Kalemegdan, bridges across the Sava and New Belgrade.

Important note: the official address of the Archives – 33 Vase Pelagića Street – may deceive a visitor, because this is actually the address of the Isidora Sekulić Library and the back of the Archives building. The building can be entered only from the front, from the direction of Topčiderska Zvezda. A big parking lot for visitors is also situated there.

By public transportation to the Archives

If you don't have your own car or do not use taxis, you can take the No. 44 bus to the Archives. This line, which starts from the Dunav Stanica station, stops on the Republic Square, goes through Kolarčeva Street, Nikole Pašića Square, turns to Kneza Miloša Street and continues to Topčiderska Zvezda, from which there is just a very short walk to the gate of the Archives. No. 44 bus goes in 20-minute intervals.

  • From the city centre

    If you do not want to wait for No. 44, you can use some other city transport lines: No. 37, whose route is the same as that of No. 44 from Francuska Street to the bottom of Kneza Miloša Street (bus stop opposite the Canadian Embassy). This is the stop where you should get out and wait for the trolleybus No. 40 or 41, which you will exit at the next stop called "Rudo" (first stop in the Bulevar Mira). From this stop, take a stroll through the tree-lined Vojvoda Putnik Boulevard to Topčiderska Zvezda (the distance between the "Rudo" bus stop and the Archives is about 800 metres)

  • From Zemun or New Belgrade

    If Zemun is your starting point, take the No. 88 bus, which starts from Kej Oslobođenja. The bus will take you through the Mihaila Pupina Boulevard, by the New Belgrade Municipal Building (the Archives of the City of Belgrade is in its vicinity), through the Arsenija Čarnojevića Boulevard, across the Gazela Bridge to the Belgrade Fair, where you should get out of the bus, go through the pedestrian underpass, pass by the Senjak Green Market and wait for No. 44 at its starting point. The bus will take you from here through the Vase Pelagića Street to Topčiderska Zvezda.

  • From the direction of Čukarica

    All buses which go towards the centre or New Belgrade from Čukarica stop at the Belgrade Fair. This is the list: tram lines 12 and 13, buses No. 23, 37, 51, 52, 53, 55, 56, 58, 88, 91, 92, 511 and 551. The tram line No. 3, which links the centre of the city and Topčider, stops at the Fair. From there, go to the Senjak Green Market and wait for the No. 44 bus.

  • From the direction of Voždovac

    This big city municipality does not have good links with Senjak. The buses No. 17, 18, 34 and 46, coming from the direction of Franche D'Epere Street, stop at the Mostar Interchange, whence you will have to take a long walk to Topčiderska Zvezda. No. 55 bus stops at the Belgrade Fair and is very useful if you need a connection to the National Library.

Date of last change: 04.04.2021.

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