During 2015. employees of Archive have attending next Congresses, Seminars and Conferences:

Date:  April, 15–17, 2015

Location:  Radenci (Republic of Slovenia)

Theme:  "Technical and Field related Problems of Traditional and Electronic Archiving"

"Tehnični in vsebinski problemi klasičnega in elektronskega arhiviranja", name of International gathering of archivists with the tradition of  36 years, was held in Radenci - Republic of Slovenia. The conference host is Regional Archives Maribor, whereas its general sponsor from 2013 is International Council on Archives. The original papers concerning archival practice were presented by 56 archivists from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia, Great Britain, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, Poland and Romania. The representative of the Archives of Yugoslavia,  Zorica Netaj, presented the paper entitled "Experience Gained from Arranging, Processing and Digitization of the Photograph Collection of the Archives of Yugoslavia".

Date:  October, 19–20, 2015

Location:  Trieste (Italy)

Name:  "25th International Archival Day"

Theme:  "Management, Appraisal and Long Term Preservation of E-records: Archival Response to the Challenge of Long Term Preservation" and "Archival Buildings in Terms of Responding to the Emergencies (i.e. design, adaptations, purpose built, emergency planning, space management)"

The international congress The 25th International Archival Day was organized by the International Institute for Archives Science of Trieste and Maribor. During two days 40 papers were presented by archivists from 17 countries, including papers prepared by representatives of The Archives of Yugoslavia: "Digital Master Document: New Original" -  Olivera Porubović-Vidović and  "Archival Building Design Challenge: Architects, Archivists and Conservators an the Same Task in Order to Ensure Adequate Protection of Archives" - co-authors:  Svetlana Perović-Ivović (The Archives of Yugoslavia) and Irena Ivović .

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