During 2016. employees of Archive have attending next Congresses, Seminars and Conferences:

Date:  October, 12–14, 2016

Location:  Tara (Serbia)

Theme:  "Valuation of Archival Material"

International Archives Conference on Valuation of Archival Material organized by the Archival Society of Serbia was held for the first time in the Republic of Serbia. Twenty four archivists from Serbia and the neighboring countries at the presence of 250 guests presented their papers in the hotel "Omorika" at the mountain Tara from October 12 – 14, 2016.
Two representatives from the Archives of Yugoslavia participated at the Conference. Introductory speech Valuation of Archival Material as Cultural Heritage was given by Dr. Branka Doknić within the first day of the Conference with the topics dealt with general questions regarding valuation of the archival material. During the second day of the Conference, the authors presented their personal experiences in their work with registration materials. The theme of the work presented by Radmila Nedeljković was Valorisation of current records and archival materials of  "Filmske novosti".

Date:  October, 24–25, 2016

Location:  Trieste (Italy)

Name:  "26th International Archival Day"

Theme:  "Data protection (privacy, sensitive data, legal protection)" and "Using archives (scientific use, legal use, public use (exhibitions, publications, conferences etc.)"

nternational Institute for Archival Science in Trieste and Maribor organized 26th International Archival Day on October 24 and 25, 2016. This meeting of archivists gathered together various numbers of guests from all over the world and Svetlana Perović Ivović and dr. Branka Doknić  from the Archives of Yugoslavia presented their papers there as well. The paper of Svetlana Perović Ivović Independent Advisor was on challenges of displaying archival material, the role of conservationist and the conditions for displaying archival material in the Archives of Yugoslavia, while Dr. Brank Doknić talked about using archival material for the scientific purposes.

Dr Branka Doknić was elected as a member of the Board of Slovenian countries and observers of the General Assembly of the Institute.

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