Presentation of the book John B. Frothingham, forgotten Serbian Benefactor and the exhibition dedicated to him and his work

Beograd, June 25, 2019


Publishing House " Zavod za udžbenike", the Archives of Yugoslavi and Foundation John Frothingham organized in the the Archives of Yugoslavia on June 25, the presentation of the book John B. Frothingham forgotten Serbian Benefactor by Tomisalav R.Simonović. Dragoljub Kojčić, Director and Editor in Chief of the publishing house "Zavod za udžbenike", talked about this book and the American, John Frothingham the greatest Serbian benefactor in XX century who dedicated his life to taking care and education of Serbian war orphans, organizing medical service in the Kingdom of Serbs Croats And Slovenes . Ljubodrag Dimić Academician, Milan Terzić Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia and Tomislav Simonović the author of the book talked as well about the book. Moderator was Tatjana Karadžin.


"Zavod za udžbenike", decided to publish this book to rescue from oblivion the name of one of the greatest Serbian benefactors, said Dragoljub Kojčić and Dr. Milan Terzicć reminded that in the past years on the occasion of marking the century of the First World War, several books have been published, most of them dealing with the assassination in Sarajevo and that there are just a few of those promoting this topic. This book tells about John Frothingham and how big effort he had made to help Serbian children and that one of his scholars was Vladimir Dedijer and that John Frothingham is the only American who was awarded the "Star of Karadjordje”.

The author Tomislav Simović introduced the audience with the motives that made him write this book, how he collected material and how he got to know descendants of the family of John Frothingham.

For Professor Ljubodrag Dimić it was the honor to talk about this book just under the roof of the Archives of Yugoslavia, about the book that describes what good can be done within one life that lasted 57 years. Person that graduated from Harvard University, who was polyglot, who played several instruments and composed, was attracted to Serbs by their history and permanent struggle for liberty. Benefaction became the sense of his life as well as his wife Jelena , daughter of Academician Simo Lozanić together with donations that he had given to Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia without any interest. The book contains 35 thematic chronological parts where majority is dedicated to John Frothingham’s family where one can see his dedication to Serbs and his relation towards war orphans, since he insisted to renovate homes for children while the war was still going on. The book was amended with 300 enclosures – documents and photograph material that increases its value..

Together with presentation of the book, the exhibition is also opened consisting of a lot of photographs and documents from the personal archive of John Frothingham.


Visitors that are interested to see this exhibition will be able to do it, every working day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. till the end of July 2019.

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