During 2008. employees of Archive have attending next Congresses, Seminars and Conferences:

Date:  November 16-19, 2008

Location:  Paris (France)

Name:  The General Assembly of EURBICA and International Symposium

Theme:  "The Archives Tomorrow"

Representatives of the Archives participated in the work of the General Assembly of EURBICA, the European Branch of the International Council of Archives, the Archives being its A-category member. The meeting was held on 17th November 2008 in Paris, in the building of the French National Archives (Hotel de Rohan).
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of placement of the French National Archives in the palaces of Hotel de Rohan and Hotel de Soubis, the international symposium with the topic “The Archives Tomorrow” was organized. The symposium was organized by the French National Archives and UNESCO in Paris, 17-18 November, 2008. Representatives of the Archives participated in the work of the Symposium.
The meeting of the General Assembly was chaired by the President of EURBICA Martine Boisdeffre. Among other things, the current projects of EURBICA were presented:
• EURONOMOS (European Archival Legislation Online).
• Training of trainers in records management
The project was developed in cooperation with the Archival School in Amsterdam, the MAS Section for Education and the former Committee on Professional Training.
• The Qualification Model in Europe
EURBICA and SPA (the Section of Professional Associations) are working on the project aimed at developing a methodology that would enable any institution, organization or association to build their own qualification model.
EURBICA welcomes and supports the strategic plan of MAS and its work plan in order to accomplish through MAS activities that key decision makers in national and international organizations, as well as the general public worldwide, realize that the management of archives and archival records present the essential prerequisite for sound management, the role of law, openness of the administration, preserving collective memory of humanity and accessibility of information to citizens.
EURBICA cooperates with the European Board of National Archivists (EBNA) that initiated work on creating the archives portal in Europe (the EUROPEANA project) that will enable central access to information on using standards in the archives of Europe.
At the meeting of the General Assembly of EURBICA new members of the Management Board were elected, i.e., the list of proposed candidates was adopted. The newly elected President is Angelika Menne-Haritz from the Federal Archives of Germany and the Secretary-General is Elein Servant from the Direction of French Archives.

Date:  July 21-27, 2008

Location:  Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia)

Name:  XVI International Congress of Archives

Theme:  "Archives, Governance and Development: Mapping Future Society"

As a member of the A category of the International Council on Archives (ICA), the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro took part in the XVI International Congress of Archives, whose general topic was "Archives, Governance and Development: Mapping Future Society", and in the work of the annual ICA General Meeting. The Congress and Meeting were held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on July 21-27, 2008.

The Congress rallied about 1,000 participants, consisting of delegates from nearly 140 countries, representatives of several international organizations, officers from ICA sections, honorary members and observers from the host country.

This year's Congress was shaped in a much different way than the previous ones, offering more than 30 round tables, papers and discussions, avant guard sessions, and presentations every day, focusing on a series of topics from professional specialization to social memory, popularization of the archives and development of professional programs. This can be seen from the titles of some papers, such as Applied Theory in Archival Practice and Education, Archives, Libraries and Museums in the Process of Protection and use of Social Memory, Archives on TV – show program – archival holdings that are attractive to public, Data Management, Archiving of websites – a new challenge for the archives, Disaster Prevention Plan – Theory versus Reality, Principles and Functional requirements for Holdings in the Conditions of Electronic Operation, Education, Archives and Cultural Diversity, Archives and Communities – Where are the Borders, Archival Holdings and Archives as a Public Good, Evaluation and Selection of Documents, New Approach to Evaluation, History – Story Teller or Guardian, Archives in Times of Democratic Changes, Archival Means of Information and the Internet – Russian and UK Experience.

The inauguration of the newly elected officers of the newly elected Executive Committee members, Financial Control Commission and Office of the International Conference of the Round Table of the Archives was carried out at the ICA General Meeting. The new ICA President in 2008-2010 is Ian Wilson from the National Library and Archives of Canada; new Vice President of the International Conference of the Round Table of Archives in 2008-2012 is Nolda Romer-Kenepa, Director of the National Archives of the Dutch Antilles; newly elected Vice President of ICA in 2008-2010 in charge of marketing and promotions is Abdullah El-Reyes from the UAR; Louis Belardo from the United States is the newly elected ICA Vice President in charge of programs for the 2008-2010 period; new ICA Secretary General is David Leech of Scotland, UK; new ICA Deputy Secretary General is Didier Grange from the Archives of the City of Geneva. Head of the Financial Control Commission is Carol Vale from Belgium.

The report from the annual 2007 General Meeting in Quebec, Canada was adopted as well as the Report on ICA Activities in the 2007-2008 period and reports on the work of several commissions. New strategic directions for the 2008-2018 period were presented and adopted and the calendar of next ICA meetings was presented at the end.

Date:  April 2 - 4, 2008

Location:  Radenci (Republic of Slovenia)

Theme:  Technical problems and problems of contents of the conventional and electronic storing in the archives

In the international archival conference held in Radenci in Slovenia, the representatives of countries from the former Yugoslav republics, as well as Austria, Hungary and Italy were participated. Archives Serbia and Montenegro had three representatives.Branka Doknić, PhD discussed the new status of the Archive of Serbia and Montenegro, and chaired one of the sessions, Radmila Nedeljkovic had a theme related to the situation in the film archive, while Svetlana Perovic-Ivović spoke about the work of the Department of conservation and restoration in the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro. 

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