During 2021. employees of Archive have attending next Congresses, Seminars and Conferences:

Date:  October 6-8 2021

Location:  Novi Sad (Serbia)

Name:  International Archival Conference "The Archives – Past that Lasts"

Theme:  "Sources for History", "New Archival Reality", "Archival Buildings and Archival Material – the Present and the Future"

October is a month when already traditional professional conference of the Archival Society of Serbia is held. This year this conference was held in Novi Sad from October 6-8, under the slogan: "The Archives – Past that Lasts". Archival Society of Serbia and the Archives of Vojvodina organized this conference.
The Archives of Yugoslavia was presented by:

- Dr. Svetlana Stefanović ("International Women’s Year - UN 1975 in the Fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia");
- Dragoš Petrović, MA ("Cultural Cooperation of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia Between Two Wars") and
- Ivan Hofman ("Federal Commission for Cultural Relations with Abroad – Source for Researching foreign Policy of Yugoslavia 1949 -1971").


The Conference was held in a good spirit. Participants were able to hear some interesting lectures from different fields of archival science and historiography and in less formal atmosphere to talk about personal and private experiences.
We thank our kind hosts from the Archives of Vojvodina for their hospitability..

Date:  October 14 2021

Location:  Jakarta (Indonesia) - online

Name:  Round table on nomination of documents of the First Summit of the Nonaligned Movement for the international register Memory of the World

Round table on nomination of documents of the First Summit of the Nonaligned Movement held in Belgrade in 1961 for the international register Memory of the World was held on - line on October 14, 2021. organized by the National Archives of Indonesia. The Nominator is National Archives of Indonesia supported by the Archives of Yugoslavia (Republic of Serbia), the National Archives of Algeria and the National Archives of India. Directors of the above mentioned archives participated at this round table as well as ambassadors of those countries, in Jakarta.

It was planned that countries as Egypt, Ghana and Ethiopia with their consent support this nomination, however Ethiopia haven’t responded at all. As Ghana is concerned, the ambassador of that country for Malesia and Indonesia responded but without concrete proposal and in the name of Egypt, ambassador of that country in Indonesia responded asking for additional time to have more clear situation in Egypt and to decide whether the National Library or the National Archives with its documents will take part in this nomination.
Since the dead line for the nomination 2022/2023 is November 30, 2021, it is questionable whether these countries are going to participate or not.

Within one week, the national Archives of Indonesia  will organize new Round table in order that representatives of the archives of four countries (Algeria, India, Indonesia, Serbia) agree about technical details necessary for nomination.

Date of last change: 20.01.2022.

2023. The Archives of Yugoslavia

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